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Tournament Planet – The Bowling Management Software With The Best Documentation

Legacy bowling management software really misses the mark when it comes to documentation. When you download the software Best Documented Bowling Management Softwarewhat do you get? You either get a giant encyclopedia that is hard to navigate, or you get a CD that is a pain to load up and navigate. Heck, my computer doesn’t even have a CD drive – I haven’t had one in years. So if you need help with the old software you could try to navigate those waters. Or, you could maybe call or email their support and hope for some help in a timely manner. More likely though, is that you will either mess around a bunch and try to figure it out on your own. Or worse yet, you give up and try to work around what you wanted.

Tournament Planet is different. We take a different approach to documentation. We’ve already talked about how Tournament Planet is modern bowling management software. That same approach to embracing technology extends to our documentation. If you are new to the app, or need help we have videos, written tutorials, and a personalized support email. So no matter how you learn best, we have you covered.

Getting Started With Tournament Planet

Before we get into the article, let’s make sure you’re set up with the app. Tournament Planet can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Or, if you want to use your computer you can access all of the features on our web app at Once you have the app, if you’re going to run leagues, tournaments, brackets, raffles, pro shops, or more, you will need a business license which you can obtain from

Now that you’re all set let’s go into depth about the best documentation in bowling management software courtesy of Tournament Planet.

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Narrated Tutorial Videos

One of the hallmarks of Tournament Planet’s documentation is our video documentation. We take the time to create full walkthrough videos for every feature of the app. Not only that, but they are narrated so you know exactly what to do and why. We include a full list on our support page as well as helpful playlists on our Youtube channel.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. If that’s the case, then how much is it worth for moving pictures running at 60 frames per second? When you’re watching the videos you have the ability to speed up the video if you want to get a quick overview of how the app/feature works. Or, if you need more time, you can slow the video down. Also, you can jump back and rewatch any sections that you need.

With playlists created for each feature set like leagues, tournaments, brackets and more you’ll find whatever you need easily.

Step-By-Step Written Instructions

If you’re meticulous by nature and like to follow a guide then we’ve got you covered here as well. We have a support page with all of the documentation easily accessible from one location. Or, if you are looking for a specific topic we have dedicated pages for managing :

Each of these pages walks you through all of the details for every step in the process. It does this with step by step written instructions. But, if you decide you want to watch a video, we have them there as well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Bowling Management Software Documentation

What If I Have An Idea For A Feature Or Find A Bug

That’s easy. You can report a bug or suggest a feature in three ways. First, you can leave a comment on any of our blog articles. We read every comment and we’ll see your suggestion. Once we do, we’ll make sure to get it added to our product roadmap. Second, you can report the issue from our app. Click the menu button in the top left, and select “Report A Bug”. Fill out the form and that’s it. Last, if you need you can send us an email at and we can take feedback this way.

What If The Documentation Doesn’t Answer My Question

If for some reason the documentation doesn’t fully help you don’t despair – we have options. Should the issue be urgent reach out to us at and we’ll get back to you. If however, the issue isn’t incredibly urgent and you think that others might benefit from posting your question publicly add it to a comment on our blog. We get a notification anytime a comment is added so we can go in and respond. Also, someone else might have the same question and your comment could help them.

Final Thoughts And Wrap Up Of Bowling Management Software Documentation

You don’t have the best bowling management software documentation by using old technology that is hard to run and clunky to understand. Tournament Planet started out with a fresh slate and we designed our software to be simple, intuitive, and modern. As a result we don’t need endless pages of documentation to compensate for the confusing nature of our software like the other guys.

So let us know in the comments below, have you used Tournament Planet? Did you take a look at the documentation to help you? Is there anything additional we can do to help make the documentation even more comprehensive?

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