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Tournament Planet – Your Eco-Friendly Bowling Management Software

Tournament Planet is at its core an eco-friendly, contactless bowling management software platform. We tried to make somethingEco-Friendly Bowling Management Software modern and easy to use as a one-stop-shop solution. With this in mind, we’ve made every attempt to remove paper from the equation. With other bowling management solutions you need lug around a suitcase with a printer and reams of paper to handle your tournament or league. This is not the case with Tournament Planet. This is due to the fact that players don’t need to track down score sheets, recap sheets, and the like. Everything is built into the app.

Getting Started With Eco Friendly Bowling Management Software

Getting started is simple. First, download the app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Second, purchase a license from and create an account. However, if you prefer to use your computer then we also have all of the same features available through your browser at

Now that you’re set up with the app, let’s get into the eco-friendly features of Tournament Planet.

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Antiquated Software Requires Lots Of Hardware

Have you ever managed a multi-day tournament using other bowling management software? If so, you likely had a 4 ball bag dedicated just to all of the hardware you needed. A printer, reams of paper, tape, pens, markers, ink, etc. And don’t get me started on all of the cords and cables that connect everything. If that isn’t enough, you probably need to bring a table to put all this on. All of this equipment is required because other software solutions didn’t have a digital first approach. And this is not eco-friendly.

With Tournament Planet all of that goes away. Imagine not having a dedicated hardware bag with you? Wouldn’t that be great? All you need is your laptop, tablet, or phone. This is because everything in Tournament Planet is shared directly with players instantly. No more printing out multiple copies of score sheets after every game and placing them around the alley. Just update the scores and players get a notification.

Bring A Team If You Bring Old Software

Not only do you need a bunch of hardware, you need a team if you plan on using other software. Because old software requires you to constantly be moving around and updating sheets placed throughout the alley. You need a team just to handle the limitations of old software. First, you need someone to constantly be entering scores and printing out new updated scores. Second, you need someone to run around and remove the old score sheets and put out the new sheets. In the event of a typo that person also needs to scratch out the incorrect scores on all of the sheets. Third, you need someone who can handle any player issues that come up during play. This is the point person. What a mess.

This mess is resolved simply by switching to Tournament Planet. First, you’ll still need someone to enter scores, but they don’t have to print anything out. As a result, their workload is reduced. Second, you don’t need someone running around posting scores sheets. Notifications are automatically sent to all players with the app. This means players stay in their lane, in the action, not wandering around looking for score updates. If you haven’t read our article on pandemic proof software you should do so here: Bowling Management Software For Pandemics – Contactless Software. Last, only one point person is needed to answer questions and it’s the same as the first person. As you can see, Tournament Planet allows you to go from a team of at least three to a team of one. And this improves margins for tournament operators.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What If I Have An Idea For A New Feature?

We’ve mentioned this before, but there are several ways you can suggest a new feature. First, you can leave a comment below. We read all comments, and you may start a dialogue with other users who also want the same feature. Second, inside the app you go to the main options section. Click the three bars in the top left of the app to open the menu. Then, you click the “Report A Bug” option. Once you fill in the details and click submit then we’ll see the request and add it to our list of future improvements. Your feature suggestions only help us make Tournament Planet the best eco-friendly bowling management software for competition organizers and players.

Final Thoughts On Your Eco-Friendly Bowling Management Software

Imagine saving your back and the environment with one action. Switching to Tournament Planet accomplishes both goals. No longer do you need to carry a heavy bag of equipment. Also, you don’t need a huge team to help you organize. Last, The command center days are gone, you can be mobile and spend more time engaging players. Not only that, but players stay in the action and safe from the spread of Covid. Tournament Planet creates an overall better experience for players and competition organizers.

Have you run a competition using old bowling management software? Would Tournament Planet simplify that experience for you? Do you have suggestions for additional eco-friendly features? Let us know in the comments below!

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