Bowling Ball Stats – Comprehensive List

Comprehensive Bowling Ball Stats

When you have the bowling ball stats all next to each other it makes it easier to find the right ball for you. For example, if you’re Bowling Ball Stats - Comprehensive Listlooking for a ball with high hook, simply sort by the “Normalized Flare Potential” column and you’ll see exactly what you need at the top. In this article, we will add all of the bowling balls that we have talked about on our site. This way you can make a side-by-side comparison of the various balls from all manufacturers.

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How To Read The Table

In this chart you will have all bowling ball stats in one place. You can sort each column by simply clicking the sort option at the top of each column. All values for Differential and RG are listed for a 15 pound ball when we were able to find them. We have additional resources on various topics if you need more information. By default the table is organized by brand.

When you find the ball you need simply click the ball image or the link at the end of each row. This will take you to Amazon and you can buy with ease. Remember, we’ll be continually adding balls to this table as they make it onto our site. So if there is a specific ball you want let us know in the comments and we’ll prioritize it.

If you aren’t sure about what a column means you can read our full articles on how to choose coverstocks, weight, and hook (differential and RG) for the details on what those columns mean. If you want a quick overview scroll below the table for a quick summary. Now, to the good stuff.

ImageBall NameManufacturerDifferential*Normalized Flare PotentialDiff. of RG*CoreCoverstockIdeal Oil ConditionsBuy It Now
Roto Grip IdolRoto Grip0.05282.49SymmetricSolid Reactivemedium to heavyBuy Now
Roto Grip UFORoto Grip0.05492.52AsymmetricSolid ReactiveheavyBuy Now
Roto Grip MVP PearlRoto Grip0.04062.55SymmetricPearl Reactivelight to mediumBuy Now
Roto Grip Wild StreakRoto Grip0.04872.60SymmetricSolid Reactivemedium to heavyBuy Now
Roto Grip Halo VisionRoto Grip0.05082.49AsymmetricHybrid ReactiveheavyBuy Now
Hammer OTB Black Widow Black SpareHammer0.05892.48AsymmetricPolyesterlightBuy Now
Hammer ToughHammerNANANAPancakePolythane PolyesterlightBuy Now
Hammer Cherry VibeHammer0.04262.51SymmetricSolid ReactivelightBuy Now
Hammer Vibe OrangeHammer0.04262.51SymmetricSolid Reactivelight to mediumBuy Now
Hammer Onyx VibeHammer0.04262.51SymmetricSolid ReactivelightBuy Now
Hammer RuthlessHammer0.04162.52SymmetricSolid Reactivemedium to heavyBuy Now
Hammer Diesel TorqueHammer0.04672.51SymmetricSolid Reactivemedium to heavyBuy Now
Hammer Purple Pearl UrethaneHammer0.01512.65SymmetricUrethane Pearllight to mediumBuy Now
Hammer Black Widow UrethaneHammer0.05892.50AsymmetricUrethanemediumBuy Now
Hammer Bowling Black Widow GoldHammer0.05892.50AsymmetricHybrid Reactivemedium to heavyBuy Now
Hammer Black Widow PinkHammer0.05892.50AsymmetricPearl Reactivemedium to heavyBuy Now
Hammer WebHammer0.04872.48SymmetricHybrid Reactivemedium to heavyBuy Now
Hammer Web TourHammer0.04872.47SymmetricHybrid ReactivemediumBuy Now
Hammer Web PearlHammer0.04872.48SymmetricPearl ReactivemediumBuy Now
Hammer The SauceHammer0.04982.47SymmetricSolid Reactivemedium to heavyBuy Now
Hammer Statement SolidHammer0.05492.47AsymmetricSolid Reactivemedium to heavyBuy Now
Hammer Statement PearlHammer0.05492.47AsymmetricPearl Reactivemedium to heavyBuy Now
Hammer Statement HybridHammer0.05492.47AsymmetricHybrid Reactivemedium to heavyBuy Now
Pyramid Clear BasketballPyramidNANANAPancakePolyesterlightBuy Now
Pyramid PathPyramidNANANAPancakePolyesterlightBuy Now
Pyramid Path RisingPyramid0.03252.54SymmetricPearl ReactivemediumBuy Now
Brunswick DV8 Bowling Quantum BiasBrunswick0.05282.56AsymmetricSolid ReactiveheavyBuy Now
Brunswick Tzone Deep SpaceBrunswickNANANASymmetricPolyesterlightBuy Now
Brunswick RhinoBrunswick0.03042.52SymmetricPearl ReactivelightBuy Now
Storm Pro-MotionStorm0.04982.52SymmetricSolid ReactiveBuy Now
900 Global Boost Hybrid Bowling Ball900 Global0.04372.54SymmetricHybrid Reactivelight to mediumBuy Now

Bowling Ball Stats And Coverstocks

The coverstock is the outer coating of the bowling ball. It creates traction with the lane to varying degrees. The type of coverstock plays a major role in how well the ball hooks. This is because a smooth ball has less friction while a rough ball has lots of friction and really grabs the lane. From lowest to highest amount of grip you have plastic/polyester, urethane, pearl reactive, hybrid reactive, and finally solid reactive. Adding a particle composite can also further increase the friction. For an in depth review of coverstocks see our article How To Choose A Bowling Ball Coverstock.

Differential, Normalized Flare Potential, And RG

In our article How To Find The Best Bowling Ball For Hook we discuss each of these in greater detail, but we’ll summarize here. RG is the location of the center of mass within the ball. Differential is determined by taking the RG of the x, y, and z axis and then finding the difference between the highest and lowest of the three. Differential determines flare potential on the lane. We’ve converted the differential values to a 1-10 scale so you can determine at a quick glance how much hook potential a ball has. 1 is a straight roller – ideal for getting spares. While a 10 is incredibly reactive and will have a lot of hook.


Did you find the table useful? Did having all the bowling ball stats centrally located help you find the gaps in your arsenal? Is there a ball that you would like us to add next? What other feature would you like us to add next? Let us know in the comments below.

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